Puppy Kindergarten

5/10/2017 - 6/14/2017 @ 5:30 PM at Pet Coach to the Rescue with Shawna Gallagher | View Map

This is the perfect class for you and your puppy between the ages of 2 - 5 months.

The main focus for this class is socialization with people and dogs, problem prevention, problem solving (house training, biting, jumping, chewing) and foundations for training using positive methods (mat work, leash walking, name, come, focus, drop it, leave it, sit, down, wait, stay, etc.).

This class does include a play time, which can be to stimulating for some puppies. If your puppy can’t be safely integrated into the play groups, we may have them work on self-control and relaxation during the play times.

Session Notes:
Please bring the following:

Yummy soft treats

*Proof of current parvovirus, distemper & parainfluenza vaccinations for all dogs is required. We also require proof of current rabies vaccination for any dog over 4 months old.
Session Details:
Cost: $189.00 ($270.00 deposit required)
Length: 6 - 1 hour lessons
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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