Puppy Elementary

5/6/2017 - 6/17/2017 @ 10:00 AM at Pet Coach to the Rescue with Shawna Gallagher & Dave Gallagher | View Map

This is a perfect class for you and your puppy between the ages of 5 – 8 months

This is the next step for most puppies after they complete either our private puppy starter package or puppy kindergarten class. It can also be a great first class for puppies that are too old for puppy kindergarten.

 Your puppy will build on skills learned in previous weeks. We will expand your puppies skills on the mat, leash walking, come, focus, drop it, leave it, sit stay, down stay, wait etc…

This class does include a play time, which can be to stimulating for some puppies. If your puppy can’t be safely integrated into the play groups, we may have them work on self-control and relaxation during the play times.

Session Notes:
Make sure to bring the following with you

yummy treats that your dog LOVES
clicker - you will be provided with one on the first day
treat pouch - or something that you can put your dogs treats in and have easy access to
10' - 12' leash - I will have some available for purchase
Mat - Amazon has a great one called My Doggie Place

*Class will be held outside either in a fenced in area our walking about the neighborhood please dress appropriately.

**Saturday June 3, 2017 we will not have class.
Session Details:
Cost: $189.00 ($270.00 deposit required)
Length: 7 - 1 hour lessons
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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